50 Eligible Bachelors.

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Last Friday, we had invites to CLEO 50 EB party at St. James power house. So few of us made our way down to check out this party since theres SO much talk bout it.. I was more interested in checking out the PowerHouse than the party itself…and well… we jus stood there consecutive for 3 hours to watch the show.. it was ALRIGHT.. quite amusing at times… but a tad bit too long winded… anyhow… AFEW pictures.. that were thankfully CLEAR…

we took quite abit of pictures that day.. but i will need some time…



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I always find something to look forward to. As in.. in the long run… but right at this moment, i don’t even know whats a head of me. Like how i looked forward to my holiday when i endured my previous semester…which was good.. but now its not a good feeling..i can’t plan..(and im not even talking bout planning a holiday.. but my plans for the next 6th mths after 2nd of May..)

I like to know what im going to be doing so i can plan.. so everything can be in order.. very annoyed now..

Don’t even talk bout graduation trip.. cos i have no idea what i’ll be doing after 2nd May…

I jus need to sit and think and stop whining..cos i can’t seem to do ANYTHING these days.


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lately shopping has been a favourite pastime, and someone has warned me that i am becoming a shopperholic. (And just for your information, i have never been one, i only enjoy shopping.) I am into shopping cos the other festive season is coming and i need to stock up on clothes..though..haha i think i have enough to last me for awhile..

Enough of the fun and happy side of life..

Hmm its time for serious career considerations.. sigh… and thinking bout the stupid projects i have the semester..

now i can’t decide if i want time to pass faster or slower.. urghhh…

Exams are over.

December 7, 2006 at 1:43 pm | Posted in Voyeurism, whinge | 2 Comments

Well, actually exams have been over since Tuesday. I haven’t had the time for anything, and like Yang said to me yesterday, i better start packing my luggage. My mum keeps bugging me to go do my hair soon and pack my room soon and pack everything for shanghai soon. I’m feeling really lazy, and very hung over today. So I’m not going to do anything. Cept the plans i have already made for today of cos, and I need to watch my Lword.

Zouk was fun. Lots of drinks, lots of people. As usual.. great company and great music..I wonder why some people ask “what so fun about clubbing?” .The key to it is company, music and drinks. Try having best of the 3 key factors, and you will know what is so fun about clubbing. Haha.

Went for SPH launch of the new chinese newspaper, cocktail reception at fullerton was pretty fun.. just hanging arnd sipping wine and checking out how these media pple socialise..but the food they served was abit too weird for my liking. We headed to some glutton place for fattening food anyway

sherrie..I absolutely adore your camera! sigh.. i need a new camera.. my canon ixus not cool anymore! Send me all the photos we took that day please!=)

Darling, its time for reality.

November 15, 2006 at 10:55 am | Posted in Voyeurism, whinge | Leave a comment

Alriggght.. this is gonna be a last entry for awhile. About 20 days?

Time to face the books.

IF anything urgent. call my phone.

I miss everyone, we meet up after exams. If i do live through my exams that is.

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