November 4, 2006 at 10:32 am | Posted in The Past | Leave a comment

I had a dream last night. I can’t believe I dreamt of a friend and the weirdest thing is, even in my dream i told myself, ok,you probably don’t wanna talk to me, so why the hell are you in my dream.

I suddenly got up and realised that maybe I kinda miss the days that we were friends. We had alot of fun didn’t we, or rather I did. We talked about everything, and I remember you as one of those that I can go on and on talking till morning when i’m dead tired and my words are slightly slurred. You gave me sound advice on every single issue i had and I valued your opinion very much. We had something in common, but i would never beable to exactly point out what it was. There was a point I told myself, I never thought I would find a great friend like you at this point in my life.

Maybe it was a misunderstanding on my part, “Proximity friends” that’s what they call it.

If you happen to read this and realise that its you, I wish you well. AND I also would like you to know that I really wish things weren’t this way. You were always someone I thought of as a friend to keep, nothing less. Maybe everything happens for a reason.

And life goes on.


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