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Some photos from a Fabulous dinner i had with the close friends. I think we all got a little high on the wine..

Its a date on christmas day then! 🙂

Looking forward to it already!


Oh seeing that cute dog today got me thinking.. I don’t know.. maybe i should get one.. Then i wouldn’t be so scared.

I think all my friends would be shocked.


Christmas time is here.

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And since I am in a holiday mood….

 I can finally give some thought to the christmas party..

Anyway.. so this little christmas party is strictly by invitation..haha

And of cos the reason as to the early celebration.. none other than ms hellokitty tang..

you better buy us stuff from your trip!!

Anyway the dresscode is ..Fabulous.. so please no lousy tee and berms.


On a different note, im really thinking bout the balenciaga brief GGH.. in cinnamon..

how how… wants are unlimited. resources are never enough.

It should just drop from the sky now.

Bags bags and more bags

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And so..


In the end we settled for something unexpected. Mum and I didn’t realise they just opened a marc jacobs at DFS .. and to our surprise they had the LONG before sold out marc jacobs stam bag in BLACK.. trust me.. couldn’t find it anywhere.. and onPedder only had the new ones…


And therefore.. New bag.. new love


Large Black Marc Jacobs Stam bag



I should upload some photos since its been AGES..

A random Pics taken awhile ago actually very long ago.

I can’t wait for a holiday.

Cafe del Mar few weeks back.


 More pictures later.


Peaceful Weekend

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Truly good weekend.

I haven’t had such a weekend for awhile. Peace and Quiet.

Doing my nails without any disturbance. Shopping with my Mod princess without any calls or emails. Dinner with my BFF without having to say..” wait ah.. give me a sec..”.

And you.. as usual you brighten my days.. make my peaceful weekend even better.. like how you make everyday better that it is already…I love talking to you. Priceless Treasure.

Went on a mini-shopping trip just now, bought nice tops and jackets. Its been awhile since i bought anything. I think.

Lack of pictures on this blog. Maybe sometime later tonight.

Pleasant evening.

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It was a very pleasant night out with my 2 very good friends.

I hope it was a nice belated birthday get together for you… Since we do this every time without fail. This year should be no exception. We should have KTV soon!

Anyway I wish you all the best. May you find that Right person that would make your heart beat faster and slower at the same time. =)

Finally an update.

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I took photos the other day using your camera. Photos came out so pretty. I should seriously consider getting a new toy. Maybe not now, but when I settle down with the more important stuff. Anyway, Pictures.


Oh, someone got me a little gift a couple of days back, a really sweet gesture.

I like the gift, if you ever read this, Thanks! =)

But you still owe me another gift..



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Tired. I am just exhausted.
But at the same time, you cheered me up a little.
Jus the thought of you and the fact that you have been a major source encouragement.
Thanks for believing in me.

Thank you.

I will cheer up, and I will be back where I was, the way you knew me.
And I will try my very best, in the end I would succeed. =)

The things we do.

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Sometime last week, my dearest friends and I headed out for a night of fancy dinner and drinks.. the LIT over dinner got us pleasantly happy and high.. so we all went over to PS cafe for some afterdinner desserts and more drinks.. we had so much fun talking and taking photos.. when is our next trip there?



New School socialites… thats the cool name my darling Tang came up with… I miss you already.. lets plan our next day out…

“Je m’ennuie de vous ma dame”

Oh yes, no prizes for guessing why PS cafe can become my favourite hangout!

Can I again explain myself that I do not hate animals.. and IF i wasn’t so scared of all animals I would be a proud owner of a cute little puppy….haha

I am so enjoying my new CD Karl Lagerfeld Les Musiques que j’aime .

 Tmr I’m finally meeting my dear friends for abit of shopping and exploring..then dinner and heart to heart talk… how nicee! and ME being the nice friend is bringing the gifts for everyone from my trip… how nice of me…



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Suddenly I miss those days that we were in shanghai. It was so fun wasn’t it! My dollies less sherrie..and the 2 boys.. were having a blast in shanghai..Oh well.. Holidays come to an end so that we can look forward to the next holiday..



More Shanghai photos with the dollies coming up soon.. soon .. soon….

Ranting.. and shopping.

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I have been shopping. Quite ABIT i have to say, my dimsum dollies would know how much i shop. Till Ms Tan had to stop me at H&M cos i wanted to get the pretty scarf and the polka dotted brolly. Sigh. I still think of the brolly and the scarf till NOW.

And I have this thing for leather stuff lately.. esp Leather jackets.. and we SO shouldn’t have stepped into GAP today..i gave in to temptations and fell for that brown leather jacket.. how ME…. i should stop buying for awhile.. since i have been buying for 20 days and have piled up quite a load of stuff that i really cannot fit in my already spilling wardrobe.. time to try to save money…

on a BRIGHTER note.. i have a date tmr at equinox..deeeelicious high tea with my 2 the 70th floor.. how cool can we get..

on a not so bright note again.. i can’t get over the patchwork coach bag.. sigh..i should have jus bought it there and then…sighhh…

Oh yea some photos… finally… some really pretty ones… and the even nicer ones come later… the weather in shanghai was rather pleasant.. since it was still the end of spring… and not yet summer… there were times that i really felt like it was too chilly even with my cardigan…

my nice parents sent me off on THE holiday since i have finally finished my 3 years in NUS.. the beautiful city of shanghai (Though the people there are a tad bit rude)

My very excited parents.. and the very excited me went off to the airport WAY too early in the morning.. and my excited friend sent me off too.. and there i was taking the plane alone.. all the way to shanghai.. i stopped by hongkong to transit.. all on my own.. thankfully there was damn good wireless in hongkong airport.. if not i would have been bored to death..



well i didn’t exactly leave on a jet plane.. but you get what i mean…


My days in shanghai were spent doing touristy things.. and having nice dinners.. lunches with my friends.. and basically having a good time… and of cos i wouldn’t even have to mention that i shopped a hell lot… and the tailors all know me…



Had dimsum lunch with mich @ Zen.. and we had the best pineapple bun thingy ever! it was heaven.. and it looked so cute.. the food was great but i wasn’t really in the mood to take photos of food.. i kinda got sick of doing that after awhile..



We also went to this superb Quaint little Jap restaurant that was..well full of character.. they didn’t exactly serve us with the nicest tone…but the served us with food that was worth the wait.. and the attitude… the chef was abit shy bout taking photos though…


Oh well i have so so so so much more photos but till next time….. time to admire my indulgence today….





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