December 2, 2007 at 11:28 pm | Posted in friends, photos | 5 Comments

Some photos from a Fabulous dinner i had with the close friends. I think we all got a little high on the wine..

Its a date on christmas day then! 🙂

Looking forward to it already!


Oh seeing that cute dog today got me thinking.. I don’t know.. maybe i should get one.. Then i wouldn’t be so scared.

I think all my friends would be shocked.



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  1. you mean you were serious about getting the dog?

    that would be sooo cool. i wish i can get it.

  2. Haha i do think the dog’s really cute.. don’t look scary.. my mum say im crazy..

  3. so sad, if you can get the dog, at least i can go play with it… hai

  4. Did u say dog? as in DOG? with fur? eats anything u feed? licks ur face when u cry? sleeps beside u and eventually takes over the whole bed but u still forgive him? That kind of dog?????


    I need to buy 4D.

    Give me 4 numbers! QUICK!

  5. Haha YES Joan Lai!.. D.O.G…

    I also think you should buy 4D.. i really thought the dog was cute.. lets see i saw the dog last weekend.. so.. buy 0212!


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