September 4, 2007 at 10:03 pm | Posted in life, Ranting/Whingeing | 4 Comments

I don’t usually write about you.

But today I will.

You care enough to want the best for me and what more can i ask for.

you are the best listening ear i can every have in this rollercoaster ride, listening to my nonsense, sensing me out, keeping me from going insane, showing me where the light is when i think everything can’t get any darker.

I appreciate the patience that you have with me, even when im being young and impulsive. Ironic as it is, since you call yourself the kid.

Don’t ever say you don’t know how you can help me cos you already did.

I miss you.



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  1. Im sure she’s crying when she sees this.

  2. oh my god so MUSHY la!

  3. m&m: I didn’t know it was mushy. HAHA

    penwirk: im quite sure she won’t. lets meet for dinner next week!

  4. sure do, lets meet soon, ur shawl from ur baby is with me… and im so looking forward to our trip together!

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