We love Bags.

July 30, 2007 at 11:14 am | Posted in bored, Voyeurism | 2 Comments

Since I have someone complaining that my entries have been boring.

I should blog bout my first love.




My mum’s latest addition has made her daughter a happy girl, cos, oh well if I can’t afford it.. at least I get to use it!

The Chanel Lambskin classic.

Tres Chic.. and very precious.. I couldn’t believe how pretty it was until I laid my hands on this yummy timeless piece…

However it there are never enough bags. Never. Even when I thought that one Chanel would kill my crave for bags, it didn’t. Now I lust for this :

The Balenciaga City Giant Hardware (But Gold not silver) S/S 07

So pretty and matches absolutely everything. Sad to say I adored the french blue, but gave up my search due to the fact that its close to impossible.

AND thankfully this delicious new thing might just be on its way to me… Heh.. I absolutely loveee my godma.. I am keeping my fingers crossed!

But of cos, I still am eyeing on THAT coach bag we saw in Shanghai Times Square. I think it would make an excellent day bag!

Coach Holiday patchwork shoulder tote.

Since it belongs to the 06 collection, its not exactly available in the coach stores anymore or rather its rare. Those dollies who have seen me carry it would know how much i suit it and I REGRET.

One can never get enough Muse-s AND

I wish I could have this.

The Large Muse Black calfskin.

BUT due to the fact of my lack of financial ability to make such magic happen, I have to get my mum’s consent, HOWEVER she clearly stated that she has had enough of calfskin Muse-s cos her orange one is way too sensitive for comfort.



This is the end of my bags entry, trust me I can go on forever. Bags are my first love.



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  1. I only have one on my wishlist for now, weird huh haha. Anyway I just want one Chanel. I can’t remember which one it is though, not classic but seasonal lol.

    I’m more into shoes lately, ballet flats to be exact! Haha. Repetto, Lanvin, Prada, Tod’s, French Sole, and the list goes on.

  2. Haha.. not like i don’t want the lanvin flats… my wishlist goes on for Prada bags too.. and all girls have unlimited wants…sigh..

    See you in AWHILE! =)

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