Holidays with you , you and you.

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And finally my room is a packed..not bad for a lazy person like me..

I jus need to charge everything now .. the nokia phone and all.. i’ll be all set and ready to go…

i’ll be taking the plane to shanghai tmr morning…and my dearest beatrice sending me off…and my parents of course…so fun yay..will be flying alone though.. so i’ll try to make my transit as interesting as it can be…hah

Don’t miss me.. i’ll be away for awhile…my beautiful new toy would be with me so i might update if china allows me too

Can’t wait for my Dollies to join me!!

I’ll miss all of you.. and i’ll try to remember all the stuff im supposed to get…… Bye!! =)



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Dollies dinner at St. James was fun.. though caroline as usual couldn’t make it…If you happen to read this Ms Caroline Handoko Poeng please reply to cailing’s sms!! urgent!!

The food at din tai fung was very AVERAGE.. im sorry girls.. should have gotten a table at Charcoal instead.. another day la… I didn’ t know that Dragonfly played canto pop..haha but judging from the people that were there yea..

We headed down to VillaBali instead for drinks and tapas… gossiping non stop thats what we do best.. never a dull moment with the dollies..

Sunday was mum’s day.. went out for lunch with the family..bumped into an old friend..and spent the rest of the day watching DVD..

And now im very tired due to the persistant stomach cramps.. time to rest…..

Dimsum dollies.

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Its been awhile since i met my dollies… Dinner with them later at the station kitchen @ st. james.. i hope the food is good.

Hopefully we will take tonnes of photos tonight.. well when do dollies not take photos..

I am looking forward to my holiday. soon soon… 11 days more!

And my room is still in a mess. I promise everything would be in order before i leave.

All things good in life.

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The last few days have been fun. And of cos i took loads of photos.

Mid summer nights dream was quite fun, just that it was wee bit too long.Our backs were aching, neck tired from turning from side to side. AND it was a little bit too hot. Complains aside we had a nice time. We always do.  We ate, talked laugh, drank. we also bitched bout those noisy sch girls infront of us.

Headed down to cafe del mar to check out whats the big deal bout this hip and happening spot. well i love it.

More pictures coming up!

Holidays have just begun.

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The last few days have been a blur. I had tonnes of fun. Went to nice places. Had the best pasta ever. Ate bakkuteh. Watched (over-rated) SpiderMan 3.And alas, I’m sick. My head is spinning, my nose is like a bloody tap.

and so I said goodbye to one.. and now I say goodbye to another. Though i feel much better knowing that it isn’t goodbye for that long afterall.

I’m buying an air ticket later and flying off on a considerably long holiday to one of my favourite cities in the world.. for more reasons than one.

So i’m gonna be packing my room, and my lugguage, and planning my long holiday. Yay.

Pictures coming up soon… we had a FANTASTIC time at DbLo..

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