Post Valentines..

February 15, 2007 at 7:25 pm | Posted in Voyeurism | 2 Comments

I had a wonderful time with the Dimsum family at Dragon gate.. its been so long since we all met up together.. pity we were still missing caro and sherr.. only me and ling stayed throughout.. haha…  Ktv with the girls was oh so fun haha… my only duet partner for shan hu hai.. i think you are one in a million..

Met with my valentine’s day date for absolutely divine dinner at Modesto’s.. i love the pasta it makes places like spageddies look SO bad.. haha..

Anyway .. if you read this.. i love talking to you.. you always show me very interesting insights to issues.. and always witty with your responses.. never fail to entertain and make me laugh.. thanks for being you… I know you would be one of my longest friends… =)

Ooo i baked browniesssss and they are looking so damn cute..! definitely taste nice..

So happy.. so so so happy!! =)



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  1. ChlOe! Wish Ya! 猪年快乐!!! HAPPY ALWAYS!

  2. hey Dree.. happy Chinese New Year to you too!! =)

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