February 4, 2007 at 11:09 pm | Posted in friends, Ranting/Whingeing | Leave a comment

Maybe my weekend was too much for me. Too much talking and too much fun. I am now sick. Sneezing non stop since morning and my throat hurts like crap. AND i think i have a slight fever. URGH..

Well it was worth it.. my mini shopping spree with syl was SO fun.. i have pretty clothes for Valentines’ day.. and HOT DATE on valentines’ too.. yay.. sushi with the dollies was so nostalgic.. we haven’t done this so long.. miss it and im loving it!.. Cabbed down to Red dot.. and settled for drinks at boulevard.. i knew you all would love the wall paper.. so pretty right?!  The hugeeee Drink i had was very huge.. so very WORTH  my 16 bucks.. haha… Caroline joined us..replacing sherrie who SO should have gone cos now she’s not part of our princess gang.. heh..im looking forward to our next gathering..so we can start planning for The holiday.. sigh…..i need a holiday……

Met with marie and yang for coffee at coffeebean as usual.. talked and took photos.. too many stupid photos… and yang was the official photographer.. night ended late again.. and now i have a bloody sorethroat..

It was a great weekend nevertheless.. i adore my dollies and i miss hanging out with you guys alot.. maybe meeting up really makes me realise that.. heh.. OH YA.. SYL!! PHOTOS?!


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