The very belated pictures.

January 16, 2007 at 8:50 pm | Posted in friends, Voyeurism | 2 Comments

And finally after my friends have posted pictures from my Birthday.. its my turn to do so.. I had so much fun at DblO that night cos of all of you… Thanx again for the gifts and making the effort to party with me that night..=)

Oh yea thanks to Adrian Tan too.. even though i forgot to take picture with him since he was in a hurry to go off.. it was sweet of you to come all the way down to wish me happy birthday.. 

P.S. Ling.. you were so so so red.. and i bet you don’t remember taking some of the photos.. I don’t either.. hahaa same to you sherr… the effects of flaming lambo..haha

Oh side track abit.. im beginning to hate sch.. i hate to wake up for sch.. and today was 8am.. how bad can it get..urgh.. I feel like going on a holiday again…whats new.. let me plan for my next holiday..



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  1. HAAAA!! YESH!! didnt realised i am so red can?? i rem asking sher if am red, and she said NO!! ha.

    and yah..didnt rem taking some of the photos!! haa. but i super like the one where we act as bunny!! haa.

  2. Ling: haha yea!!you were damn red.. sherr drunk mah..why you ask her.. you should have ask me..!

    oh i love the bunny one too!!

    are we going clubbing soon?? =)

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