January 14, 2007 at 12:41 am | Posted in Voyeurism | 6 Comments

Today I went to town hoping to find a pair of ideal shoes for the coming CNY.. since its such a big deal every year to buy new clothes and all to wear.. i thought i should start sourcing for my CNY wardrobe.. well after crazy shopping at the oh-so-packed Topshop.. I did source out a few items i truely adore..and i think the most interesting buy today was my Melissa+Campana stylish looking bag.. haha ( I told you this bag looks different!)

Anyway.. my mum and i walked into the store and this huge bag caught our eyes.. i thought it was cute.. and my mum thought it was pretty unique.. so yea the rest is history.. yes i do have a thing for bags.. and shoes too.. im SO going back for the melissa’s new cute covered shoes.. (in white .. to match my bag!).. their shoes are so comfy though i seldom wear my melissa loafer lookalikes cos i don’t like to dirty them..

And so that was my shopping adventure today.. so fun.. more shopping in the next few weeks since i have yet to find my ideal CNY shoes..

On a side note.. i need to pack my room and throw away the load of unwanted stuff.. the room is really getting overly cluttered with stuff…

oh yea sherr.. i have a suggestion for our  Valentines’ day Tea Party.. but that place need car.. unless we cab.. like whats new.. haha…tell you bout it next time.. =)



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  1. Remember to tell me!

    And I have been doing CNY shoppin these few days but it’s no good, I wear them once I buy them. Damn, lol!

  2. babeeeeeeeeeee! this was the bag i wana buy!!!! but gary gee said not nice!! slap him haa

  3. sherrrr: haha i knew it! its so buy and immediately wear.. i keep the price tags on and leave them in the shopping bags.. to prevent myself from touching them.. heh..

    ongui: YESS its so pretty la.. you should get it too.. its not too pricey.. nvr mind bout gary gee.. heh..

  4. sherrr.. yea haha.. nvm him.. 79 buckeroos if im not wrong?

  5. ongui: nah..its half that price babe! so much cheaper.. you should get it!

  6. really.. so cheap! and i mistook ur comment for sherrr’s.. haha

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