The Holiday.

January 10, 2007 at 9:39 pm | Posted in Voyeurism | Leave a comment

Since i haven’t exactly blogged bout my holiday at all.. let me give a quick summary to it.. Shanghai was fun.. cept that the places ARND shanghai were cold till my knees were weak…

Anyway my camera was only used in shanghai when my parents packed their bags and went home.. the rest were taken by my dads camera.. so i haven’t gotten hold of the pictures yet.. maybe next entry..
The prettiest sight in shanghai is obviously the Bund.. the famous Bund is a freezing cold place in winter.. But definitely worth the walk.. even when my face turns numb and i can’t feel my fingers either.. We decided that we have to take a shot at this beautiful place. This is the most tourist shot ever since everyone there stands on the same spot to take the same photo..

And the next photo was a lousy attempt to capture the other side of bund..with all those old european looking buildings. yea and my ixus didn’t manage to capture anything but our faces.

We went for nice local breakfast that was dirt cheap..and also went to quaint little places like this little paris cafe which served coffee tea and cakes for few times the price of our breakfast. It was a good place to rest our feet and just enjoy the tea and cake..and take photos since it was christmas eve anyway..

Of cos the best things to go do is to go shopping on such a nice day! and so mich brought me to do what i do best.. We went to collect our tailored stuff and then head to the shopping malls to shop like mad..we took photo of the nice shop in some huge shopping center.. called I.T. .. and how can i miss out on taking photos of the nice christmas decoration in shanghai.. and i have many other photos but im lazy to post.. maybe some more photos next time..When im less lazy…


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