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I always find something to look forward to. As in.. in the long run… but right at this moment, i don’t even know whats a head of me. Like how i looked forward to my holiday when i endured my previous semester…which was good.. but now its not a good feeling..i can’t plan..(and im not even talking bout planning a holiday.. but my plans for the next 6th mths after 2nd of May..)

I like to know what im going to be doing so i can plan.. so everything can be in order.. very annoyed now..

Don’t even talk bout graduation trip.. cos i have no idea what i’ll be doing after 2nd May…

I jus need to sit and think and stop whining..cos i can’t seem to do ANYTHING these days.



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lately shopping has been a favourite pastime, and someone has warned me that i am becoming a shopperholic. (And just for your information, i have never been one, i only enjoy shopping.) I am into shopping cos the other festive season is coming and i need to stock up on clothes..though..haha i think i have enough to last me for awhile..

Enough of the fun and happy side of life..

Hmm its time for serious career considerations.. sigh… and thinking bout the stupid projects i have the semester..

now i can’t decide if i want time to pass faster or slower.. urghhh…

Shanghai:Part 2.

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Well anyway i woke up freaking early this morning and couldn’t get back to sleep. Instead of tossing and turning aimlessly in bed, i decided to put together some of the photos i took in shanghai. The prettier ones have yet to be loaded into my fujitsu. oh well.. yea..

These pictures remind me of all the fun we had..from the absolutely divine food..to the cheap beer which led to getting very drunk and very high at  KTV..and that resulted in my subsequent loss of voice and my annoying cough.. I had so much fun i was so reluctant to come home.. but on a second thought..i needed to come home cos my birthday was in 2 days..Anyhow..I love the place and i will go there again soon.. hopefully..

I have almost posted all the photos of the festive season… actually not exactly.. coming up would be my starstruck NYE.. km8..NYD.. etc.. hahaa.. when im free..

The very belated pictures.

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And finally after my friends have posted pictures from my Birthday.. its my turn to do so.. I had so much fun at DblO that night cos of all of you… Thanx again for the gifts and making the effort to party with me that night..=)

Oh yea thanks to Adrian Tan too.. even though i forgot to take picture with him since he was in a hurry to go off.. it was sweet of you to come all the way down to wish me happy birthday.. 

P.S. Ling.. you were so so so red.. and i bet you don’t remember taking some of the photos.. I don’t either.. hahaa same to you sherr… the effects of flaming lambo..haha

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Today I went to town hoping to find a pair of ideal shoes for the coming CNY.. since its such a big deal every year to buy new clothes and all to wear.. i thought i should start sourcing for my CNY wardrobe.. well after crazy shopping at the oh-so-packed Topshop.. I did source out a few items i truely adore..and i think the most interesting buy today was my Melissa+Campana stylish looking bag.. haha ( I told you this bag looks different!)

Anyway.. my mum and i walked into the store and this huge bag caught our eyes.. i thought it was cute.. and my mum thought it was pretty unique.. so yea the rest is history.. yes i do have a thing for bags.. and shoes too.. im SO going back for the melissa’s new cute covered shoes.. (in white .. to match my bag!).. their shoes are so comfy though i seldom wear my melissa loafer lookalikes cos i don’t like to dirty them..

And so that was my shopping adventure today.. so fun.. more shopping in the next few weeks since i have yet to find my ideal CNY shoes..

On a side note.. i need to pack my room and throw away the load of unwanted stuff.. the room is really getting overly cluttered with stuff…

oh yea sherr.. i have a suggestion for our  Valentines’ day Tea Party.. but that place need car.. unless we cab.. like whats new.. haha…tell you bout it next time.. =)

The Birthday

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On my Birthday, we went to a fancy restaurant for dinner and here are some of  the pretty pictures we took over dinner.

And more pictures to come soon since I am enthusiastic about photoshop again…

The Holiday.

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Since i haven’t exactly blogged bout my holiday at all.. let me give a quick summary to it.. Shanghai was fun.. cept that the places ARND shanghai were cold till my knees were weak…

Anyway my camera was only used in shanghai when my parents packed their bags and went home.. the rest were taken by my dads camera.. so i haven’t gotten hold of the pictures yet.. maybe next entry..
The prettiest sight in shanghai is obviously the Bund.. the famous Bund is a freezing cold place in winter.. But definitely worth the walk.. even when my face turns numb and i can’t feel my fingers either.. We decided that we have to take a shot at this beautiful place. This is the most tourist shot ever since everyone there stands on the same spot to take the same photo..

And the next photo was a lousy attempt to capture the other side of bund..with all those old european looking buildings. yea and my ixus didn’t manage to capture anything but our faces.

We went for nice local breakfast that was dirt cheap..and also went to quaint little places like this little paris cafe which served coffee tea and cakes for few times the price of our breakfast. It was a good place to rest our feet and just enjoy the tea and cake..and take photos since it was christmas eve anyway..

Of cos the best things to go do is to go shopping on such a nice day! and so mich brought me to do what i do best.. We went to collect our tailored stuff and then head to the shopping malls to shop like mad..we took photo of the nice shop in some huge shopping center.. called I.T. .. and how can i miss out on taking photos of the nice christmas decoration in shanghai.. and i have many other photos but im lazy to post.. maybe some more photos next time..When im less lazy…

Backtrack: New Years Day

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We all took a nice photo on new years day, and of cos im a little bored and less lazy on this bright and sunny morning. So my voyuers will get to see pictures.. or rather a picture. Well this is a good start to the many other pretty pictures i took over the last few weeks

A Brand NEW year

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I find it hard to write anything these days cos there is jus so much to write.. photos would do much talking for me.. BUT im too lazy to do much photoshop either.

The past couple of days have been quite a blur all the way from NYE.. my starstruck NYE.. I am the envy of many cos i took a photo with Lin Jun jie..yay.. haha.. and Tay pinghui.. and etc etc…

Nyd was a fun day out with friends.. having brunch @ breko.. and ktv till evening.. and before we knew it the beautiful day was about to be over.. BUT we saw a beautiful sight before the day ended, Rainbows.  All this will come in the form of photos soon or when i feel like it.

My hot date with friends was great yesterday, thanks for the treat at Aerin’s. Hope you guys enjoyed the ben n jerry’s.. I love talking to you  all.. CHALET soon… yay!..  see you all on thurs?

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