Thank you.

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21st Birthdays were always a big hoo haa for most pple. I thought I should do nothing this year and just have a simple dinner.. and so i did.. BUT you  made it special.

Thanks to all who came down to party with me.. I hope it was fun.. sorry if i didn’t manage to fully entertain everyone.. I had a great time myself.. and i swear i remember everything i did!

Thanks to the 21 gifts in the huge box , I think i found a great friend in you. I could never thank you enough, and you should know why. When i saw the gift i was really shocked that anyone would go throught that amt of effort.. I really appreciate it and so next year the box will be even bigger?? haha..

I think i had the best birthday in my 21 years..i always loved surprises and you gave me the best one.


All set and ready to go!

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My stuff’s almost packed finished. cept for a few items here and there.. my room’s in quite a mess and i give up.. till i come back on the 26th.. this time tmr i’ll be freezing my ass off in my winter coat.. but for now singapore is still freaking humid and warm..

so anyway i’ll be away in Shanghai till 26th Dec.. spending my wonderful Christmas there..

I’m still contactable.. though its expensive so please spare a thought for my bill..

I’ll miss everyone..

oh yea dessy and ching.. don’t forget bout our gift exchange..ching you have a great time in taiwan ok! =) Dessy enjoy your work.. it will help in the long run..!!

Joyce tan.. have fun in NYC..i bet you will have a happening x’mas there.. give me a call when you are back.. i miss talking to you on the phone!

marie..yang..wee.. beat..yuan.. new year’s eve dinner.. please plan ok.. =P

Yani! i won’t forget your jade bangle… hopefully i find it.. see you when im back!

Tang and dollies.. meet up for my bday on 28th at Thumper k.. i haven’t seen you all for the longest time!! tang! have fun in BKK.. remember to buy things for me!!! THE BAG!!

To everyone else.. have a Merry X’mas!… bye!


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Happy birthday Beatrice! You will always be my very funny friend..who is ever so lazy, love to sleep and always complains she is tired. May you have a great 21st! =)

I think holidays are absolutely fabulous, cos its days like today that i can just sit back relax and watch my Lword. I watched 4 episodes this afternoon. So fun.Can’t wait to meet Dessy and Ching tmr, my 2 favourite girls. We are going for good old hawker food for dinner! I’m quite sure we will be taking loads of photos as usual.

My throat feels abit sore, and my nose is irritated. I better get well very soon.

“je m’ennuie vraiment de vous, attente de I can’t pour vous voir.”

Exams are over.

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Well, actually exams have been over since Tuesday. I haven’t had the time for anything, and like Yang said to me yesterday, i better start packing my luggage. My mum keeps bugging me to go do my hair soon and pack my room soon and pack everything for shanghai soon. I’m feeling really lazy, and very hung over today. So I’m not going to do anything. Cept the plans i have already made for today of cos, and I need to watch my Lword.

Zouk was fun. Lots of drinks, lots of people. As usual.. great company and great music..I wonder why some people ask “what so fun about clubbing?” .The key to it is company, music and drinks. Try having best of the 3 key factors, and you will know what is so fun about clubbing. Haha.

Went for SPH launch of the new chinese newspaper, cocktail reception at fullerton was pretty fun.. just hanging arnd sipping wine and checking out how these media pple socialise..but the food they served was abit too weird for my liking. We headed to some glutton place for fattening food anyway

sherrie..I absolutely adore your camera! sigh.. i need a new camera.. my canon ixus not cool anymore! Send me all the photos we took that day please!=)

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