November 12, 2006 at 9:44 pm | Posted in Ranting/Whingeing | 6 Comments

I’m feeling terrible. The sorethroat, the headache is killing me. I don’t bother getting up or take 2 steps away from my comfortable bed, cos my head is spinning. Never felt worse.
I have taken all sorts of medication that exists. I better recover soon. urgh.

I really wish you were here with me. You would make it all so much better. I miss you.

Can i fast forward everything by a mth?



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  1. Eh woman! Get well soon!! Drinks lots of water. IF you want try taking warm milk with honey and sprinkled with almond bits. Helps me with my fever and sore throat.

    Anyways blog addy changed.

  2. wah..milk honey and almond bits sound complicating..

    why the sudden change in blog add? got pple stalk u ah?? haha

  3. sort of cousins found my blog. and they will show their parents. and most probably my parents will end yea..dangerous!

    The milk thing is easy..just boil the milk..then add a spoonful of honey..mix..then take almond nuts which has been chopped and add to the milk.,.taste damn good actually! haha

  4. My mum jus got some disgusting drink for me.

    This milk-honey thing sounds so much better…

    wah your cousins quite kpo huh..

    oh when your exams end?

  5. exams start on the 16th of Nov which is tmrw!! Ends on the 30th Nov. bloody hell… Anyways all the best for your papers!

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