Vivo and Iguana.

November 5, 2006 at 11:04 am | Posted in Voyeurism | 2 Comments

My shopping attempt today was rather successful. Though i never got down to buying THE bag, i bought another bag, and some other stuff. Headed down to Vivo, for MORE shopping, and the place is crowded as ever. If you realise, this mega mall is crowded OUTSIDE the stores, but INSIDE the stores, its rather empty or rather comfortably populated. Its quite amusing how they have random performers arnd the mall.
When my parents left, matt and I caught “Oh in Ohio”.. The show was rather dumb. Had a few funny laughing moments, but overall not too enjoyable. Mischa Barton was the only redeeming factor. Its not called sex comedy for nothing, cos basically sex is all they talk about. oh yea, one more thing, i don’t get whats the hype about the gv@Vivo, seems like a normal cinema to me.

We shopped arnd quite abit, and lovely stuff they have at Pull and bear.

Then after walking and walking, we decided to head for dinner at some other interesting place. And so we drove down to clarke quay to see what we can find a nice place for dinner. We settled for Cafe Iguana instead of our usual Brewerks, since they serve one of the best mexican food. As usual we took tonnes of photos while waiting for cafe iguana to get us our seats and also while eating. And so it was a fantastic dinner with yummy mexican food like and great magaritas.

More photos up next time.. im abit tired and lazy



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  1. haha, i was one of the “traffic police” at vivo one saturday!

    cute costumes they had rite! 😛

  2. OMG serious? how come never spot you!! HAHA fun job huh! =P

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