November 2, 2006 at 7:05 pm | Posted in friends | 4 Comments

Yesterday was 1st November, Hello Kitty’s (I mean the real one..) birthday as well as one of my funniest girl friend’s 21st birthday.. Queen yani..! Happy belated birthday.. I miss you!

We should meet up soon for a belated birthday celebration! when are your exams ending? I think I haven’t seen you for the longest time! Since the time we went jelita for the baking stuff shopping. I’m sure we have lots to update as usual. Oh and yaya.. i know you kinda like this photo right? haha i like it too..

Today we were checking out Style Magazine and i found the ideal bag for school. Yves saint laurent Rive gauche black leather zip tote. Its roomy, yet stylish, looks perfect for stuffing everthing in.
So I do have a wish list afterall. Actually, not exactly, don’t get me wrong. I am not directly or indirectly hinting for a bag for my birthday. More like im just ranting on my new obsession, feel free to ignore this paragraph.


Something interesting that happened today, I went to the gym, and i ran. Its been such a long time, and I figured that running is the best test of endurance. Everything else is pretty much rubbish, including body combat. My legs feel sore, and like you said tmr my whole body would probably be aching.


I need to do my econs tutorial. So back to reality, enough wasting time online.





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  1. WHAT tutorial, you mean COPY?

    and yea running is the best way or testing your endurance. i wish i can run!

  2. Eh put tag board lar! Anyways hahaha..i like that photo alot man! fwd me lar! the colour combi is good.haha!

  3. I laughed when I saw this

    Hello Kitty’s (I mean the real one..)

    Haha.. And yes! That YSL Rive Gauche bag is divine!

  4. Matthew: Haha, yea COPY. You should be able to run soon.

    Yani yaya: Babe, word press cannot put tag board. oh ok, i send the picture to your email!

    sherrrrrr: Haha, I was laughing and laughing when i typed it. the bag so nice huh!! i can’t get my mind off it!

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