Darling, its time for reality.

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Alriggght.. this is gonna be a last entry for awhile. About 20 days?

Time to face the books.

IF anything urgent. call my phone.

I miss everyone, we meet up after exams. If i do live through my exams that is.



November 12, 2006 at 9:44 pm | Posted in Ranting/Whingeing | 6 Comments

I’m feeling terrible. The sorethroat, the headache is killing me. I don’t bother getting up or take 2 steps away from my comfortable bed, cos my head is spinning. Never felt worse.
I have taken all sorts of medication that exists. I better recover soon. urgh.

I really wish you were here with me. You would make it all so much better. I miss you.

Can i fast forward everything by a mth?

The weekend.

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I think the family is falling in love with Vivo city. It has been the family hangout for consecutively 2 weekends. But frankly speaking that place has everything. We attempted to have dinner at the Crystal Jade, but was rudely told by some lousy waitress that the place was fully booked and if we wanted to, we could have dinner at 6pm but make sure we leave by 7, what nonsense!

We sat down to rest our tired legs at this little coffee house called A pocket full of posies , nice italian coffee. Didn’t buy much today, cos it was a little late, and I was sick of squeezing with people walking from store to store.

A wonderful dinner at Sin hoi san , the fantastic eating place along east coast road. One of those coffeeshop looking places that you will spot more Ang moh‘s eating than chinese. It has been a long time since i chit chatted with my grand parents so much, and i realised that my grandma is so funny cos she is SO paranoid bout China.

Ok enough writing and wasting time, its time to shower.

Vivo and Iguana.

November 5, 2006 at 11:04 am | Posted in Voyeurism | 2 Comments

My shopping attempt today was rather successful. Though i never got down to buying THE bag, i bought another bag, and some other stuff. Headed down to Vivo, for MORE shopping, and the place is crowded as ever. If you realise, this mega mall is crowded OUTSIDE the stores, but INSIDE the stores, its rather empty or rather comfortably populated. Its quite amusing how they have random performers arnd the mall.
When my parents left, matt and I caught “Oh in Ohio”.. The show was rather dumb. Had a few funny laughing moments, but overall not too enjoyable. Mischa Barton was the only redeeming factor. Its not called sex comedy for nothing, cos basically sex is all they talk about. oh yea, one more thing, i don’t get whats the hype about the gv@Vivo, seems like a normal cinema to me.

We shopped arnd quite abit, and lovely stuff they have at Pull and bear.

Then after walking and walking, we decided to head for dinner at some other interesting place. And so we drove down to clarke quay to see what we can find a nice place for dinner. We settled for Cafe Iguana instead of our usual Brewerks, since they serve one of the best mexican food. As usual we took tonnes of photos while waiting for cafe iguana to get us our seats and also while eating. And so it was a fantastic dinner with yummy mexican food like and great magaritas.

More photos up next time.. im abit tired and lazy


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I had a dream last night. I can’t believe I dreamt of a friend and the weirdest thing is, even in my dream i told myself, ok,you probably don’t wanna talk to me, so why the hell are you in my dream.

I suddenly got up and realised that maybe I kinda miss the days that we were friends. We had alot of fun didn’t we, or rather I did. We talked about everything, and I remember you as one of those that I can go on and on talking till morning when i’m dead tired and my words are slightly slurred. You gave me sound advice on every single issue i had and I valued your opinion very much. We had something in common, but i would never beable to exactly point out what it was. There was a point I told myself, I never thought I would find a great friend like you at this point in my life.

Maybe it was a misunderstanding on my part, “Proximity friends” that’s what they call it.

If you happen to read this and realise that its you, I wish you well. AND I also would like you to know that I really wish things weren’t this way. You were always someone I thought of as a friend to keep, nothing less. Maybe everything happens for a reason.

And life goes on.

the weekend.

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I am so happy the weekend is here. FINALLY.

I’m so excited to go shopping! Since its been long since i seriously shopped with mummy, i think tmr should be fun. I saw the nicest bag ever today (again), right tang and matt?? I am on my quest for it tmr. Tmr i’m definitely heading to Vivo after town. I miss vivo city already, ok maybe i just miss the shopping. Been a boring week at school, you can’t blame me.

I should bring my camera out tmr, its collecting dust.

“Et voici mon coeur qui bat seulement pour vous “

Alma mater.

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Wad girl’s school should you be from?



You scream for your school at any opportunity and for some strange reason you love your school to no end. You wear your belt so low that ACS boys’ pants would be considered high (yeah. oh.. my..god)
Take this quiz!


I got bored.. and spotted this quiz…haha quite accurate…


November 2, 2006 at 7:05 pm | Posted in friends | 4 Comments

Yesterday was 1st November, Hello Kitty’s (I mean the real one..) birthday as well as one of my funniest girl friend’s 21st birthday.. Queen yani..! Happy belated birthday.. I miss you!

We should meet up soon for a belated birthday celebration! when are your exams ending? I think I haven’t seen you for the longest time! Since the time we went jelita for the baking stuff shopping. I’m sure we have lots to update as usual. Oh and yaya.. i know you kinda like this photo right? haha i like it too..

Today we were checking out Style Magazine and i found the ideal bag for school. Yves saint laurent Rive gauche black leather zip tote. Its roomy, yet stylish, looks perfect for stuffing everthing in.
So I do have a wish list afterall. Actually, not exactly, don’t get me wrong. I am not directly or indirectly hinting for a bag for my birthday. More like im just ranting on my new obsession, feel free to ignore this paragraph.


Something interesting that happened today, I went to the gym, and i ran. Its been such a long time, and I figured that running is the best test of endurance. Everything else is pretty much rubbish, including body combat. My legs feel sore, and like you said tmr my whole body would probably be aching.


I need to do my econs tutorial. So back to reality, enough wasting time online.



pre-Exam depression.

November 1, 2006 at 7:37 pm | Posted in Ranting/Whingeing | Leave a comment

Its almost time to start printing past year papers and buy all other exam essentials, and I am feeling too lazy to do so. HELP! My printer is out of ink. urgh. I need to get organised, I’m a mess. Exams are so depressing.

I know what to look forward to, but that doesn’t stop me from feeling very restless and annoyed. To add on to everything, my annoying cough and flu is still irritating me.

Since we all know ranting doesnt help. I should figure out what the hell I need to print now. I miss you, think happy thoughts.

On a totally different note, I stumbled upon a very interesting website today
Threadless T-shirts

Nice stuff they sell!

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