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I got bored. So I started to do silly things. And there’s some scary drama on channel 8, just trying to distract myself.



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Today is Halloween…oh and its also Miss boey’s birthday… Happy Birthday mei gui hua!! May you always be the naggy and wonderful self that we all love very much…We meet up for a post B’day celebration soon k!! Dimsum with dollies or something!!….Oh yea i msged you all today.. Dinner on the 12th can?? Let me know..
Dinner with my 2 friends is always hilarious, we talk bout the weirdest things you know..and i think today we all laughed till our jaws ache..shall we make this a every tuesday evening thing? Actually not many tuesdays left.. which means exams soon.. which means holidays soon.. which means shanghai soon.. yay! =)

I want to go shopping at Vivo City, though i had a Vivo overdose about 2 weeks back.. i think i’m all up for some Forever21 and Topshop. Sherrie Tang we plan and go there one day.. SOON! Oh and our little trip to explore the quaint little stores at arab street don’t forget!

A beautiful day.

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Today is a beautiful day , even though i woke up this morning feeling sick, having a sore throat, as well as a blocked nose. Beautiful simply because its 30th Oct.
So my dear friend thinks this blog doesn’t look nice, or rather looks boring. I have yet to figure out how to use wordpress effectively. So give me some time.

Sometimes i wonder what we go to school for. Today i sat there listening to my lecturer go on and on abt weird equations. I wondered why do people even want to learn such stuff! and more importantly why I would wanna learn such stuff! I guess too bad, its too late for regrets anyway.

Suddenly i miss hongkong. No, actually i miss being on holiday! Just a few weeks more, and i will be off on my holiday! The last time i was on a real holiday was hongkong. Remember how fun it was !! These are some photos that i was too lazy to photoshop.. haha it has been almost a year.. opps and i still owe someone a holiday video..

A new place.

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I finally decided to change to wordpress, I have been thinking for awhile actually but have been too lazy to do so. I guess after 2 years of blogspot i got a little bored, its time for something newer, nicer and more user friendly.

My weekend was spent going to the disappointing job fair at Suntec, Dinner with friends laughing our hearts out,  and lazing by the pool today. Pre-exam break I would call it.

so how do you like this new blog?

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